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Internet Without Limits

Gig internet isn’t just the latest thing—it’s a technology that makes your internet work faster, your movies and shows stream better, and makes your life all around easier.

• Connect all your devices
• Enjoy a seamless experience
• Built for today and the future!

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Great Internet Service When You Need It Most

Get enough bandwidth to go around. Sign up today for Gig Internet and get the first month free. Starting at:
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Missouri Local River

STE is proud to be the local provider in our communities!

We’re neighbors, we’re friends, we’re family. We’re proud of the communities we serve and providing the latest communication technology to our customers is how we show we care. You can count on STE Communications to go the extra mile. You deserve our best and you’ll get it.


New Look, Same STE

We’re excited to officially launch our new look from the same people you’ve known for decades. As we continue to grow our family of customers and employees, we decided it’s time to revamp our style.